The Sunshine Brass Band
Presents in Concert:

"Criminal Brass"

This season, you'll have FIVE opportunities to catch one of the greatest musical HEISTS we've ever attempted. We're, uh, BORROWING (stealing) some of the finest orchestral material ever composed.

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The Sunshine Brass Band Inc. is Artist-In-Residence and is a designated 501c3 not for profit organization. Contributions are tax deductible.

O Holy Night, the Sunshine Brass's first video

Deanna Cheyne's video project (in conjunction with Sunshine Brass Band) is finished and is available for viewing here. Thanks to Saint John's Episcopal Church of Tampa, Springs Theatre Studios, Morrisound Recording, and Diamond View Studios for their work in this project

Please consider buying JOY, the album on which this piece appears.

About the Band

The Sunshine Brass Band was founded in 1983 and is comprised of all volunteer musicians from the Tampa Bay and central Florida areas. Membership in the band is open to anyone in the area who demonstrates the required musical proficiency and willingness to participate. The Sunshine Brass Band is a true community band, comprised of adult and youth amateur musicians who come from all walks of life representing a broad range of cultures, income levels, educational backgrounds, and professions. Members are drawn together by their shared love of brass band music and commitment to pursue musical excellence.

The Band takes seriously its commitment to serve and represent the community through musical excellence. The band can perform in any venue large enough to host a 30 piece group, and often performs at local churches and schools in exchange for donations. The band’s repertoire spans a vast range, from patriotic marches to Broadway show tunes to rock-n-roll and back to traditional symphonic pieces. The band enjoys musical camaraderie with other musical entities and has performed joint concerts with the Salvation Army's Florida Divisional Band, and the Tampa Bay Symphony in addition to our own feature concerts.

The Band's commitment to musical excellence is fostered most notably through participation in national competitions. In 1984, 1985, and 1986 the Sunshine Brass Band won the Honors Division of the North American Brass Band Association (NABBA) championships. After an eleven-year absence from national contest, the Sunshine Brass Band returned to the NABBA competition in April 1998 and has consistently risen among the ranks of other brass bands to gain top honors in the Challenge Division in 2000 and again in 2002. In 2003 the band recorded and released its debut CD entitled Sunshine & Brass. In 2013 the band recorded and released it's second CD, Joy, a Christmas themed work. The band is currently serving at Tampa Covenant Church as artists-in-residence.

Our Director is James F. Cheyne.

We are a member of NABBA, a national competition held each Spring.

We have a CD recording for sale, and are working on a second CD recording of Christmas music.

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